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src_prepare Gentoo overlay


This is the overlay of our Matrix group where we talk about topics related to Gentoo (development, maintainance, support, communities and more).

WARNING: Do not expect high quality ebuilds! While we do the best we can, most of us are still learning. Read for more information.

Why create this overlay?

Mostly to have fun.

For whom?

src_prepare overlay is based on the concept of the GURU project: to create a repository maintained collaboratively by Gentoo users, for Gentoo users.

Despite being based on the concept of the GURU project, src_prepare has different goals in mind:

  • main git repository is hosted on GitLab, with mirrors set to GitHub and Codeberg;
  • easier for one to get access to the master branch;
  • main contact with the src_prepare project is via [matrix];
  • more freedom in creating ebuilds;
  • no requirement for GPG keys;
  • no requirement for private info.

The src_prepare project doesn't want to overtake or compete with the GURU project. The GURU project is aimed on professionalism and quality, whereas src_prepare is aimed on openness and ease of access.

Adding the overlay

Official list


If you are using Layman, execute:

layman -a src_prepare-overlay


If you are using eselect-repository, execute:

eselect repository enable src_prepare-overlay


If you want to manually add the overlay, see examples/repos.conf/src_prepare-overlay.conf.


If you are using Layman, execute:

layman -o '' -f -a src_prepare-overlay


If you are using eselect-repository, execute:

eselect repository add src_prepare-overlay git

How do I sync this?


emaint sync -r src_prepare-overlay

It says the ebuild is masked, what do I do?

See examples/package.accept_keywords/src_prepare-overlay.conf.

Submitting an Issue

Ebuild error

Our issue tracker is located in our GitLab repository. If an ebuild appears to produce an error, please report it in our GitLab repository.


We appreciate and encourage for contribution. If you want a specific package or want to create a package for us to maintain, see