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# (C) Martin V\"ath <martin at>
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
Remove_la() {
BashrcdTrue $NOLAFILEREMOVE && return
# Some packages are known to rely on .la files (e.g. for building of plugins):
case "$CATEGORY/$PN" in
return 0;;
einfo 'removing unneeded *.la files'
local shell
shell=`command -v sh` || shell=
: ${shell:=/bin/sh}
Dexport=$ED find "$ED" -name '*.la' '!' -name '' \
-exec "$shell" -c "for i
do if grep -q -- '^shouldnotlink=no\$' \"\$i\"
then printf '\\t%s\\n' \"\${i#\$Dexport}\"
rm -- \"\$i\" || echo 'removing failed!'
done" sh '{}' '+'
BashrcdPhase preinst Remove_la