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POSIX Shell List


"This is a POSIX Shell list implementation."


  • No requirement: POSIX-compliant
  • Lightweight: ~100 lines
  • Extra: Additional functions to fit your needs
  • Useful: No internal independency
  • Both: Safe and unsafe (passing argument by reference) versions


  • Download it:
$ wget
  • Source the library for including the functions into your Shell script:
.  (or)
  • Each function is independent. So you can copy some functions into your script without sourcing


The whole function documentation is in the following library scripts:

  • the variable assignation is required for conserving changes
  • uses eval special shell builtin for passing argument by reference and set the list variable

The following list enumerates all available functions:

                SAFE                |           UNSAFE
list <elt> <elt> ...                |  list <elt> <elt> ...
list_back <lst>                     |  list_back <lst>
list_contains <elt> <lst>           |  list_contains <lst> <elt>
list_count <elt> <lst>              |  list_count <lst> <elt>
list_empty <lst>                    |  list_empty <lst>
list_erase <elt> <lst>              |  list_erase <lst> <elt>
list_erase_from <index> <lst>       |  list_erase_from <lst> <index>
list_erase_range <from> <to> <lst>  |  list_erase_range <lst> <from> <to>
list_eraseat <index> <lst>          |  list_eraseat <lst> <index>
list_extract <from> <to> <lst>      |  list_extract <lst> <from> <to>
list_front <lst>                    |  list_front <lst>
list_get <index> <lst>              |  list_get <lst> <index>
list_indexof <elt> <lst>            |  list_indexof <lst> <elt>
list_insert <elt> <index> <lst>     |  list_insert <lst> <elt> <index>
list_maps <func> <lst>              |  list_maps <lst> <func>
list_pop_back <lst>                 |  list_pop_back <lst>
list_pop_front <lst>                |  list_pop_front <lst>
list_push_back <elt> <lst>          |  list_push_back <lst> <elt>
list_push_front <elt> <lst>         |  list_push_front <lst> <elt>
list_remove <elt> <lst>             |  list_remove <lst> <elt>
list_replace <new> <old> <lst>      |  list_replace <lst> <new> <old>
list_reverse <lst>                  |  list_reverse <lst>
list_set <elt> <index> <lst>        |  list_set <lst> <elt> <index>
list_size <lst>                     |  list_size <lst>
list_sort <lst>                     |  list_sort <lst>
list_sort_reverse <lst>             |  list_sort_reverse <lst>


Scripts in test/ offer an exhaustive usage of both libraries.

  • Quick start (safe version):
lst="$(list 'A' 'B' 'C')"
lst="$(list_sort "$lst")"           # { C, B, A }

if list_empty "$lst"; then
    echo 'The list is empty.'

index="$(list_indexof 'D' "$lst")"  # '', empty string

if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]; then
    echo 'Element not found.'
  • Quick start (unsafe version):
lst="$(list 'A' 'B' 'C')"
list_sort lst                    # { C, B, A }

if list_empty lst; then
    echo 'The list is empty.'

index="$(list_indexof lst 'D')"  # '', empty string

if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]; then
    echo 'Element not found.'